Lado (An innovative initiative for eradicating child marriages)

Name of the Initiative 
Lado (An innovative initiative for eradicating child marriages), Madhya Pradesh


Initiative Champions

  • Shri J.N. Kansotia, IAS, Principal Secretary, Government of Madhya Pradesh 
  • Smt. Kalpana Srivastava 
  • Smt. Rekha Sharma 
  • Shri Harish Khare 
  • Shri Arvind Singh Bhal 
  • Smt. Tini Pandey 
  • Shri Sushil Kumar Verma


Initiative in Brief

Lado campaign has been initiated by the Directorate of Women Empowerment (DWE), Government of Madhya Pradesh for creating an environment for eradicating child marriages from the state. It is designed with a view to sensitize and train the community about consequences of child marriages. The Lado campaign has the following four components: 

  • Community sensitization
  • Training of core group members 
  • Promotional campaign
  • Prevention of child marriage



  • Constitution of a Core Group in each village/ ward for prevention of child marriages 
  • Focus on sensitization of community for creating an enabling environment
  • Focus on those areas and districts where the incidence of child marriages is high 
  • Enhancing capacities of core group members 
  • Promotional campaign through audio-visual communication like radio jingles, television scroll, television talk shows, film broadcasting etc. 
  • Use of traditional methods like role play, nukkad natak for specific campaigning 
  • Effective use of print media through advertisement and other methods of dissemination of information like hoardings, flex, publicity etc. 
  • Concurrent monitoring to ensure success in the initiative. 



  • Over 40,000 Core Groups had been formed in a span of just over one year. These core groups have access to all the populated villages and wards. 
  • In a span of one year, a total 16 lakhs people were sensitized by the core group through 80,000 Aanganwadi Centres. 
  • A total of 12,439 Schools were covered by the core group where sensitization programmes for children were conducted for making them aware about consequences of child marriages. 
  • Prior to the initiative, till March 2013, only 181 child marriage functions were stopped. After initiating the Lado Campaign, the number of child marriage functions has decreased remarkably since the involvement of the community with the initiative. In 2013-14, it was 401, which further increased to 661 in 4 months during 2014-15. 
  • It has been observed that Indore, Bhopal and Ujjain divisions have reported maximum instances of child marriages and its prevention due to the inclusion of tribal districts like Dhar, Khandwa, Jhabua, Vidisha and feudal dominant districts like Rajgarh, Ratlam etc.
  • Evolution of 40,000 core groups with enhanced knowledge about Child Rights Acts.
  • Sensitization of school children has led to proactive responses from their side towards child marriages. 
  • Enhanced enrollment of children and their retention in schools. 


Knowledge Resources

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