Eraviperoor Grama Panchayat - Success Story of Local Self Governance

Name of the Initiative and State 
Eraviperoor Grama Panchayat - Success Story of Local Self Governance, Kerala


Initiative Champion 
Eraviperoor Grama Panchayat, Kozhimala P.O, Thiruvalla, Pathanamthitta (Dist), Kerala State


Initiative in Brief 

The project achieved a paperless and modern office at Eraviperoor Panchayat with a Village Knowledge Centre, Environment Gramasabha, Waste Management, a Mini Water Supply Scheme, Arogya Sabha, Jagratha Samithy, etc. 



  1. Paperless Office
  • Online Certificates
  • Digitalization of Office records
  • Quality services based on Right to Service Act.
  • Notices and information through Voice and Text messages.
  • Salary of employees and honorarium of board members through bank.
  • Arranged record room to trace the records and documents within five minutes
  • Touch screen facility to trace the file movement and information
  • All sections of the office including Front Office networked
  • Installation and application of 12 softwares developed by Information Kerala Mission( IKM, a Government agency)
  1. Village Knowledge Centre
  • Reference library 
  • Training for School Students on Civil Service and other competitive examinations
  • Classes on Sanskrit etc.
  • Preparing a directory of history , cultural and the traditional knowledge of the village.

Environment Gramasabha

  • Special gramasabha in all wards 
  • Agenda was awareness on environmental issues and waste management
  • Certain projects on the said issues suggested by the gramasabha 
  • 20,000 seedlings were distributed to gramasabha participants 

Waste Management

  • Distribution of bio-gas plant, vermi-pipe-ring compost units
  • Plastic Recycling Unit
  • Plastic Road
  • Compost pit
  • Modern Slaughter House
  • Modern Fish Market
  • Ward committee giving importance to ecology

Mini Water Supply Scheme

  • 8 Schemes were completed under SC/ST plan fund
  • 2 schemes under General fund and 2 scheme under SC/ST plan fund are about to complete.

Arogya Sabha

  • Yoga Classes at 8 centers, message-yoga is remedy for life style disease
  • Ayush- Ayurveda, Homeo Dispensaries sub-centers and a yoga center started at Primary Health Centre Compound.
  • School Karate Classes for 105 girls students 
  • Renovation of Primary Health Centre building
  • Pain and Palliative Care
  • Insurance coverage for Cancer treatment

Jagratha Samithy 

  • Women and children need not go to police station or court to get remedy on their complaints.
  • 68 of 73 complaints were amicably settled last year. 



The positive changes brought about by the initiative are appreciated by the people and a survey shows the quality of the service has improved. It is an experiment in good governance to ensure the well-being and good livelihood of the people of the Panchayat. The completion of the implementation of each of the projects results in better growth. 


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