Canal Top Solar Power Plant-A New Direction to Green and Clean Energy

Name of the Initiative and State
Canal Top Solar Power Plant-A New Direction to Green and Clean Energy, Gujarat 


Initiative Champion
Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Limited (GSECL)


Initiative in Brief

Keeping in view the increasing need to economise use of fast depleting energy sources like coal, oil, gas etc., and increasing awareness about the importance of green and clean energy, Government of Gujarat introduced the Solar Policy- 2009. This project exploits Solar Urjashakti with Jalshakti while saving land and conserving water by reducing evaporation.



  • GSECL took up the challenge to implement the novel and innovative idea. The site for the project was selected after scientific study of the requirements.
  • A prototype structure was designed and installed at a separate site, very near to canal – essential and significant learning experience for the implementation team.
  • Conceptualization, design and manufacturing of the special structure with required strength and corrosion protection capabilities, keeping safety of canal on priority.
  • The canal water is instrumental in lowering the temperature of the solar panels; this further improves the efficiency of the solar plant and yields a higher electricity output.
  • Minimization of the transmission loss leading to strengthening of the grid.
  • Use of latest information technology for the offline/ online remote monitoring of the plant.
  • A 10 KW plant is being set up on land near the canal, at the same location, to study the impact of evaporating water on generation.
  • Conservation of the environment, flora and fauna.
  • Development of the surrounding areas with suitable greenery, encouragement to growth of aqua life.
  • Successful commissioning within six months.



  • One of the major outcomes has been opening of the new direction for green energy generation using existing infrastructure, with many advantages.
  • Generation of 3,935 MWh of green energy during the period February 2012- August 2014 (30 months)
  • Carbon emission saved is approximately 3,771 tonnes till 31st August, 2014.
  • Saving of 9 million litres/ MW of water/ year.
  • Development of surrounding area with greenery.
  • The project being fully replicable, further projects with higher generation capacity are being planned in the State, on the existing Narmada Main as well as Branch canal.
  • Employment opportunity for minimum 10-15 persons – unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled depending on the length of canal. 


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